【再入荷】Gateron CAP ブラッククリスタル V2スイッチ Red が入荷しました

Gateron CAP ブラッククリスタル V2スイッチ Red(3ピン/45g/リニア/RGB/5個)


Black Crystal Switch is latest product in 2021, which is process improvement version based on CAP Series. Black Crystal Series is made by Gateron Factory automatic lubed production line, fully automated process can bring stable quality, good feeling, and moresmooth pressing experience.

1.Redesign stem structure, improving stability when pressing.
2.Gateron Factory Lubed Edition.
3.Switch body punching design, release excess air, make the pressing process more smooth.
4.Selected spring, ensure stable feeling for long time.
5.Rated for over 80 million presses(Blue Switch is over 60M)

Black Crystal Red Specs:
Travel Distance-2mm Actuation | 4mm Bottom
Force-45g Operating | 50g Bottom
Service Life-80M