【ARRIVAL】TTC サイレントキースイッチ V2 (3ピン/45g/リニア/10個)が再入荷しました



• Switch type: Linear
• Cover: Transparent
• Base: Black
• Button: Pink
• Contact poles: unipolar contact
• Contact material: gold alloy
• Operating force: 45 ± 15 gf
• Pre-travel: 2.0 ± 0.3mm
• Total travel: 3.8-0.4mm
• Duration: 100 million key strokes
• Switching voltage: 2~12V DC
• Switching current: 10μA~10mA DC
• Contact resistance: 500mΩ Max
• Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min
• Operating temperature range: -25 ℃ to + 70 ℃ ( -13°F~158°F )
• Lamp hole type: SMD, DIP customizable
• Straight up and down structure , silent in operation
• TTC patented silent structure,
a mute pad at bottom,to enhance bounce force;
• No noise/ spring sound
• Less shaking of the switch due to the cover and the base firm fastening;
• Built with quality elastic material and double gold contact structure,
long duration
• The upper cover and the base are hollowed out,
leaving rooms for SMD lamps and the DIP lamps
• Built on fully automatic assembly and testing integrated lines,
good product consistency

TTC silent red vs Gateron silent red